Soundcloud Promotion Through the use of a Soundcloud Bot

If you are a budding musician and yearn for people to sit up and take notice of your music, SoundCloud is the place to be. You will have an urge to make sure that greatest number of people listen to your tracks. But gone are the days when you can expect your music to become popular just like that. This is the age of blowing your own trumpet and promoting your tracks has become essential. SoundCloud and the modern day producer are inextricable linked. Soundcloud being the musician based social network that is thriving on the Internet today and the essential place to promote yourself. You will be glad to know that millions of people are using, sharing as well as interacting with the artists who were totally unapproachable to their fans even a few years back. That is the success of SoundCloud, to bridge the gap between the fans as well as their idols.

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The Music Social Network - Mаrkеting Yоur Music Thrоugh Sосiаl Networks

Mаrkеting muѕiс by mеаnѕ of social nеtwоrking hаѕ bесоmе thе numbеr one wау еmеrging аrtiѕtѕ соmmuniсаtе with potential fаnѕ. Thiѕ iѕ a gооd thing, асtuаllу a grеаt thing! But it саn also bе bаd, vеrу bаd. Muѕiс Mаrkеting thrоugh social nеtwоrking is gооd bесаuѕе it's сhеар, easy, аnd in many саѕеѕ уоur mаrkеting mеѕѕаgе rеасhеѕ far bеуоnd whаt traditional music mаrkеting hаѕ been аblе to accomplish in thе past. It'ѕ bаd bесаuѕе thеrе are ѕо mаnу аrtiѕtѕ аnd grоuрѕ who hаvе аdорtеd social nеtwоrking аѕ thеir only fоrm оf muѕiс mаrkеting that it hаѕ bесоmе wаtеrеd dоwn аnd оvеr saturated. Meaning, thеrе аrе ѕо mаnу аrtiѕtѕ аnd grоuрѕ uѕing ѕосiаl networking to gеt thеir muѕiс in thе hаndѕ оf potential fаnѕ thаt it iѕ hаrd to ѕtаnd оut and bе hеаrd.

Using social networking аѕ a means оf muѕiс marketing iѕ about dirесtlу соmmuniсаting with реорlе аnd реrѕоnаllу аѕking them tо liѕtеn tо your muѕiс. It iѕ nоt about how mаnу friеndѕ you саn gеt оn уоur page in a dау оr hоw mаnу "blind" twittеr mеѕѕаgеѕ уоu саn send out ѕhоuting for people tо listen tо уоur muѕiс. Sосiаl networking is еxасtlу thаt, bеing ѕосiаl аnd nеtwоrking аmоng likе minded individuаlѕ оr grоuрѕ. The fоllоwing thrее tiрѕ will help уоu gеt thе mоѕt out оf muѕiс mаrkеting through social nеtwоrking.

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How to manage your Soundcloud Profile

Soundcloud has been the most popular online platform for sharing music and tracks worldwide. Over the years creating and promoting of music has become more accessible with the platforms that allow anyone to rise to stardom from the comfort of their home. Soundcloud provides an opportunity for musicians and artists worldwide to share and promote their musical creations either privately with their friends or host it publicly in social media. When you wish to promote your Soundcloud account, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid, these mistakes are listed below.

Create first impressions

Let your music show your professional skill. Your portfolio will be known and loved by your followers and they are new to your talent. So let the music and tracks that you upload to impress your fans and also have the potential to keep them coming. Work on your music or tracks, avoid any silly mistake and let it create lasting impressions.

Avoid uploading everything you create

As an upcoming artist or musician, there are always tensions of getting recognized and accepted by listeners. However, this will lead to uploading every work you made on Soundcloud in other to impress them. Anyone that notice your songs will only try one or two of your tracks to see how good you are, not everyone will be impressed by your work, after listening to your tracks and not to your music, they will surely move on. Therefore, uploading all your works on Soundcloud will not impress anyone. So the best option here is you should only showcase all of your best-finished work that you have released and your account will reflect on quality rather than quantity so that every potential visitor that will listen to your music can be amazed and impressed by your skills.

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Electronic Music Production

In today's world, everyone wants to become a singer, rapper, or producer and the list goes on and on. But it has not always been something that has been achievable to the masses due to a restriction such as finding a label that will sign you, and once finding a label, getting a contract that allows the artist to have the creative control they desire. However for a while now, the music industry has started to evolve, making the once impossible mission to become a possible. This is connected to two key things, the uprising of the independent record label via the internet and the birth of electronic music production, it is now possible for everyone to become a musician, a producer or even a record label owner with next to no input capital.

If you don't have any idea on how electronic music production can help you in producing a good track from start to finish this piece is for you. Producing music for the modern day musician is amazingly accessible. Anyone with an idea and a computer can start music production. For years, you needed expensive equipment that occupies lots of space for electronic music production, and this is what made musical production not viable for the masses. But over time computers have become cheaper and more powerful, and all the expensive hardware got replicated into software, and what was once a studio full of fragile hardware has now been converted into software. The internet has also made electronic musical production incredibly easy for modern day artists to connect and share their tracks, and for professional audio, manufacturers can create and distribute more software for music-making.

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Promoting EDM using Soundcloud

Using Soundcloud for your EDM Promotion

EDM is going off right now, there is no question about that, hell I even heard my aunty talking about some EDM new sthe other week (granted it was about someone called Molly being everywhere at the major festivals, but still, MY AUNTY KNOWS WHAT EDM IS). People just cannot get enough of those beats beats beats beast x4 repeat until end lol.

The beauty of EDM is that as a music style it cannot be compartmentalized, it isn't just one genre of music, is an all encompassing umbrella, there is something for everyone, from commericial pop-trance, to techno, to deep house, to dubstep NRG and more. The majority of "ravers" who perhaps dust off their glow sticks once a year for their festival experience may associate EDM with the superstar, 6 figures to play DJs, but they are not representive of the scene on the whole. Modern day EDM is almost unique amongst music genres in that it exists almost online. Social media, Youtube, Facebook and Soundcloud are all essential ingredients to the EDM mix and the undisputed heavy weight is Soundcloud.

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