Promoting EDM using Soundcloud

Using Soundcloud for your EDM Promotion

EDM is going off right now, there is no question about that, hell I even heard my aunty talking about some EDM new sthe other week (granted it was about someone called Molly being everywhere at the major festivals, but still, MY AUNTY KNOWS WHAT EDM IS). People just cannot get enough of those beats beats beats beast x4 repeat until end lol.

The beauty of EDM is that as a music style it cannot be compartmentalized, it isn't just one genre of music, is an all encompassing umbrella, there is something for everyone, from commericial pop-trance, to techno, to deep house, to dubstep NRG and more. The majority of "ravers" who perhaps dust off their glow sticks once a year for their festival experience may associate EDM with the superstar, 6 figures to play DJs, but they are not representive of the scene on the whole. Modern day EDM is almost unique amongst music genres in that it exists almost online. Social media, Youtube, Facebook and Soundcloud are all essential ingredients to the EDM mix and the undisputed heavy weight is Soundcloud.

Soundcloud, if you have had your head in the sand for the last 10 years is the facebook of the music social networks. It is the King, the number 1. If you don't have a Soundcloud page, you might as well not exist. It provides underground and bedroom producers the chance to upload their music and interact with music listeners for free (to an extent their are paid members who get a few extra sparkles such as more upload time etc). This concept revolutionized the music scenes. Before getting your music heard meant local radio and all their restrictions, it meant fanzines, magazines. This was just not available to the majority of artists. Now, 1 minute after finishing your latest track, the whole world can hear it and give you feedback. How cool is that. Global music distibution!

EDM Promotional Opportunities on Soundcloud

The possibilities of how Soundcloud can benefit you are almost endless, but I shall list a few. Working an an EP or an album? Want to find some vocalists / MCs? Simply create a search, set a few filters and you will a list of potential artists who would love to get their name on a release (obviously this works better for up and coming vocalists rather than established names - unless you are also already established). Want to find similar artists in your home city to perhaps organise a gig? A few clicks and you're there. Add to this the followers you will get from those who enjoyed your music and want to keep up to date with all your releases and the relationships you can build with other artists by just writing them a message, whether they are just starting out or been around the block. Artists like to talk about their music, any music really. Ask them for tips on how they got their sound, on why your track sounds a bit flat, would they be up for letting you do a remix or vice versa.

When you have this many EDM artists and producers in one place with millions of fans, the possibilities are only limited to what you can think of doing with it.

nk of doing with it.